Surely you notice that whenever you get a pair of new tennis shoes, slowly but surely as more time passes by, the soles start to wear out. They are nice at first but after some time of wear and tear, the soles eventually wear out. This is an inevitable process that is very similar to tires and tire tread. Over time, the tire tread wears down in an uneven fashion, causing some unwanted issues with how your vehicle is able to drive.

No soles. No shoes. No Tread. No Tires.

The reason that tire tread is so very important is because the more tread that is present, the stronger the tire is going to be and hold its grip on the road! This means that the tire will have more grip and will increase the stability of steering the vehicle. When a tire loses its tread, the tire becomes bald, which increases the chance of a tire slipping out when you are turning.

We here at Courtesy Nissan urge you to always keep tabs on your tire tread. For any tire needs such as balancing, rotating, and replacing, please visit our certified service department right here at Courtesy Nissan!

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