Many winter drivers this season will encounter some harsh conditions, with snow or ice causing many accidents it becomes very smart to keep a few things on hand to make sure you can get yourself out of these situations.

Getting your vehicle stuck in snow or ice typically happens and to get out of the situation typically comes down to traction. With snow and ice, it becomes very difficult for tires to gain traction, especially the longer the tire spins on the packed snow or ice can make it even more slick.

Keeping a bag of salt, sand, or kitty litter in your trunk will not only provide a bit of extra traction from their combined weight but can give your vehicle the traction it needs. Salt will melt the ice but will also dissolve.

Sand is going to give your vehicle a long baseline of traction. Kitty litter makes great traction for the first foot or so, but it gets sticky when it gets wet and no longer provides much traction.

Make sure your vehicle gets some quality winter maintenance by bringing it to Courtesy Nissan today and drive with confidence.
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