Dashboard Warning Lights Essential to Early Intervention

One everyday convenience of modern vehicles is dashboard warning lights. These lights come on when it's time for regular maintenance, or to alert you to a potential problem with your car.

One of the most recognizable dashboard warning lights is your oil light. When your oil light comes on, it is time to take your car to the dealership to have your oil changed if you haven’t already. Another common warning light found on your dash is your tire pressure light. This light comes on when one of your tires is low. Tire pressure can fluctuate with the temperature. These two lights, the oil light and tire pressure monitor light, are fairly simple and straightforward fixes.

Take your vehicle to the dealership immediately if your check engine light comes on! Sometimes a check engine light is as simple as a sensor or wire needing to be replaced, but the check engine light can also indicate a more significant problem. When your vehicle's warning lights come on, call Courtesy Nissan here in Altoona, PA to have it checked.

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