Headlights Are a Must, Not a Plus

Any person in the world with a vehicle – even farming equipment, for example – knows that vehicles without headlights are in big trouble. In most places, however, new vehicles aren’t crafted with high-quality headlight equipment and bulbs, leading owners to be inherently unsafe on the road.

One means of boosting your defense against weak headlights is to remove them, adding better bulbs, instead. You could also look for other headlight equipment to install, like headlight casings, or even external lights that are designed to exist in addition to your dim headlights.

It’s been demonstrated that vehicles with lower-quality headlights, similar to those on today’s market, are significantly riskier to drive alongside than their good-headlight counterparts.

If you're not comfortable replacing old bulbs with new bulbs, come by Courtesy Nissan and speak with one of our service techs.

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