Why Choose Parts from the Dealership Instead of a Local Generic Shop?

Here at Courtesy Nissan, we understand that there are many reasons Altoona, PA drivers choose a dealership for all car-care needs. We have access to the OEM parts you’ll need for any upgrades or repairs, and our technicians are specifically trained by the manufacturer to work on your vehicle. However, we also know that there are reasons why people choose a corner shop or non-specialized mechanic for repairs. Here’s why you should only consider a dealership for your OEM parts and repairs:

Do you value your car’s warranty agreement? Your warranty can be voided if you visit a mechanic outside of the dealership and additional damages are incurred. Your Nissan car requires genuine OEM parts, and not just any parts and components that you’ll find in a generic auto service center. The parts that typically come from local repair shops are mostly aftermarket parts. An aftermarket part is a part that is not the original part found in the vehicle. The original part is always best for your vehicle, however if the part you need is not available in the aftermarket stores, purchasing parts that are original to your vehicle should be used.

There are some instances where the aftermarket sale works for the parties involved, but if given the chance to purchase OEM or aftermarket, the original parts always should be considered first. Visit our Nissan dealership in Altoona, PA to learn more about the services we provide!

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