Your car or truck can generate enough heat to virtually destroy your engine. Without a properly functioning engine cooling system, your vehicle will overheat and damage essential parts such as cracking head gaskets, warping cylinder heads or seizing pistons. Here is what can happen when your car overheats.

The pistons in your car's engine heat up quickly since they are made of aluminum. If your car starts to overheat, it can cause your pistons to expand radically and ultimately seize. Additionally, the engine gaskets that keep oil and other fluids from leaking will start to deteriorate, which ultimately destroys the sealing surfaces. Your car's engine oil will start to break down during overheating, which causes it to lose its ability to lubricate vital parts such as main bearings, valve lifters and other wearable surfaces.

Prevent your car's engine from overheating by letting one of our automotive professionals service your cooling system at Courtesy Nissan.

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