Figuring out your tire pressure light problems

When you are running errands or running to and fro in Altoona, there might not be anything as stressful as suddenly seeing your tire pressure light come on. There are a couple of reasons this light might come on, and there are even a few reasons it might come on that you need not stress about at all.

If you are in an area where the temperature can fluctuate from warm to cold on a fairly regular basis. Those temp fluctuations can play a bit of havoc with your sensor, and you might end up having the gauge go off even if your tire hasn't really lost that much pressure. You might also have a problem with your sensor itself. If you have ever really lost some air from a time and used something like "Fix-a-Flat" you might have the sensor gunked up. If that light comes on and your tires seem fine, bring your car on into the service center at Courtesy Nissan to have it looked at.
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